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Stanford: functional genomics facility
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 Production Arrays 

SH Array (current edition) 

-almost 43,000 spots:

       85.8% I.M.A.G.E. consortium clones from the Research Genetics Sequence Verified clone set ( We don't have room on the arrays for this entire set, so we have sorted the plates based on named-gene content and we have cut out the plates containing the lowest number of named genes per plate.
9.8%CGAP clone set ( )
3.6%control spots from our set of Methanococcus jannaschii "Doping Controls" (so that one can spike these control DNAs into a labelling reaction and then can use the resulting hybridization levels to help quantitate one's results)
0.80%custom spots (clones which customers have requested that we add to the array)

MM array (current edition) 

-approximately 42,000 spots:
       49 %RIKEN full-length cDNA clones ( )
36 %NIA 15K clone set ( Information about the libraries from which these clones were derived can be found at ( (click on "Information on cDNA libraries").
3.0%miscellaneous custom ordered clones
2.3%from the BMAP (Brain Molecular Anatomy Project) set (
2.3%Research Genetics Sequence Verified clones ( )
The rest are from private libraries (These clones were provided by Stanford investigators and we don't have identifying information for all of the sequences yet).
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